16 Kids Who Didn’t Get The Right Answer But Aren’t Exactly Wrong Either

When you’re going through school as a youngster, you spend a lot of time bent over books, trying to absorb all of the information you can. After all, when test time comes, you want to make sure you’re totally prepared for whatever your teachers will throw your way.

Sometimes, however, no matter how much time you might spend studying, your mind can just go blank when that test finally lands on your desk. It can’t be helped; in those moments, even if you know the answer, it just isn’t going to come!

That’s exactly what happened to these 16 students when they had to take their tests. However, they refused to leave their pages blank—and the results were just hilarious.

1. This kid might not have the answers when it comes to describing ways to brainstorm verbs, but he certainly knows a catchy movie tune when he hears one. Do you think he got bonus points for his enthusiasm? Probably not.

2. In science, a cell is a biological structure that helps form a total living thing. Unfortunately, it looks like somebody missed that particular day in biology class. That didn’t mean they were going to leave a question blank—not when there were smart-aleck visuals to draw!


3. Puberty can be a confusing time for any boy or girl in its thrall. Apparently, puberty can be so confusing that boys and girls going through it accidentally confuse entering adulthood with infidelity. Points for effort, though. This one seems like a sincere try!

4. While the answer this little girl gave on her math test isn’t mathematically correct in any way, you have to admit that she’s got a point! Twenty-nine candy bars is enough to send anyone into a total and complete sugar coma.

5. You have to respect this fifth-grader’s level of swagger! Rather than leave a question blank she did her darndest to make sure that no one even knew it existed in the first place. Too funny! Gotta love how entertained her teacher was by her antics, too.

6. It goes without saying that you should never let the opportunity to create something hilarious pass you by. Wyatt might not have known the answer to this question, but he never doubted his ability to make his teacher smile—and it looks like it paid off!


7. It’s beyond funny how quick this student is to admit that she has no clue what her finished drawing looks like it might be. Is there anything more entertaining than a totally earnest and upfront little girl like this one? Too funny!

8. Remember how teachers in school always used to insist on you showing your work or explaining yourself? This student finally puts into words just how frustrating that can be in the most glib way ever. This kid is a total role model.

9. See? The answer was right in front your face the entire time! This kid is a darn genius. Not only did he pick the right answer, but he also managed to tweak it so it was more applicable to the question at hand. Not necessary, but darned amusing to say the least.

10. In fairness to this kid, the instructions given on this particular exercise aren’t exactly clear. At the very least they could have put the “greater than” and “less than” signs in quotes. Hope he got all the points for this one. He did follow the directions to the letter, though.


11. Here’s another case of a student taking the directions on an assignment literally with results that would threaten to send any teacher grading papers into gales of laughter. Frankly, this student more than demonstrated that they’ve got their alphabet down.

12. Somewhere in heaven, Pablo Escobar is reading how this kid answered this question and laughing his heart out while using dollar bills as tissues. The student might be sassy, but they bring up a valid point. If high schoolers could solve the world’s problems, they would have by now.

13. If anything, this student should have points subtracted for not listing the complete number of inanimate objects that were brought to life thanks to the use of ectoplasm. Come on kid, commit to the bit or just leave the darn thing blank.

14. If this is a test to root out the psychopaths in the classroom, then clearly the teacher has all the information they need. What’s really funny about this is the clearly exhausted state of mind the teacher was in when she left that note. Oh, Judy, will you never learn?


15. Ghosts may not be real (depending on who you’re asking,) but math is very much real, and four minus one is absolutely not zero. Still, you have to give it up for this kid. Who knew that sarcastic skeptics could be so young?

16. If your teacher gives you a chance to achieve an additional 80 points (80 POINTS!) on a test, please do not draw a Pepe the frog meme. If she wanted a Pepe the frog meme, she would just go the Internet. Seriously. He doesn’t need to be here.

These kids might not have all the right answers, but they definitely aren’t afraid to share exactly what they are thinking at any given time. It’s a good thing, too, because what they have to say is just priceless.

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