23-Yr-Old Bride Had Never Cut Her Hair, Until Audience Guesses Her Age.

It’s pretty common for brides-to-be to switch up their looks as the big day approaches, shedding a few pounds here, toning the quads and triceps, maybe going in for a cut and trim. But for Mary, her pre-wedding makeover involved cutting off the hair that, like a real-life version of Rapunzel, she’d been growing her entire life.

“My hair has always been me,” she told an incredulous Tyra. “It’s always been my security blanket. I’ve been scared to cut it as I’ve gotten older.”


When she appeared on the Tyra Banks show back in the fall of 2012, her hair nearly trailed on the floor of the stage. And probably would have, if she hadn’t been wearing pumps.


But she admitted it does make her look older, adding that when she was with her 18-year-old sister at an open house for school, “they thought I was her mother.” And her 52-year-old mother? People thought they were sisters!

Before the segment even started, the audience was asked to guess Mary’s age. It’s actually not too surprising that they guessed about 40 or so, but would you believe she’s actually only 23 years old?!

“I want a new look for my new life,” she admitted.


The long hair was what first attracted the attention of her now-fiancé Luke, although he admitted he couldn’t figure out how to kiss her at first because he’d “get hair in my mouth.”

When you’re in love, you can learn to tolerate a lot of things, but the time had finally come for Mary to do something about that hair.


Okay, folks, it looks like Tyra and the rest of the gang know exactly what they have to do. And while the first step may have been painful, it was totally worth it …


Watch as they shave nearly two entire decades off this beautiful young lady’s appearance in the video below. And remember to share, especially if you agree this was one haircut that was well worth getting!

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