As Cop Holds Gunshot Victim Fighting Death, She Says 5 Words That Will Haunt Him Forever

“My kids are in there!” The terrified screams of one hysterical Florida mother pierced the air, a cry that Deputy Justin Ferrari will never forget.

The woman suffered a gunshot wound to the leg by her ex-husband, who showed up at her Deltona, Florida home “acting crazy.” The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said the woman had asked her ex-husband to leave, but he refused. Her three children, ages 23 months to 7 years old, were in the home when dispatchers received the frantic 911 call.

According to reports, two police officers rushed inside the house while Ferrari tended to the traumatized woman, who had managed to crawl out of her house. The dramatic footage from Ferrari’s body camera captured the courageous officers running straight into danger to save the lives of this young family. Ferrari’s voice can be heard reassuring the mother that her kids would be okay.

Ferrari called out to the terrified children, who rushed into his arms of safety. According to reports, 26-year-old Emmanuel Rosado surrendered and faces three counts of attempted first-degree murder for the shooting of his wife and for shooting at two deputies outside his home.

The Sheriff’s Office later released a statement applauding the officers for their bravery. “When we say law enforcement officers run toward danger as others run away, this is what we’re talking about. The deputies who responded to this shooting incident yesterday afternoon in Deltona didn’t hesitate; their instincts and training kicked in,” the statement said in part.

Viewers from around the country are chiming in with their thoughts on the heroic officers. I’ve changed my mind. I’ve restored my faith in humanity. Thousands of police officers risk their lives daily to protect the innocent from the evil. At times they might get things wrong. Let’s have a bit of compassion for when they err. No right thinking police officer will set out to intentionally harm someone. They aren’t trained to do that. God bless the policeman who carried out this heroic act,” wrote one viewer.

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