Best Home Remedies For Prostate Inflammation! RUN!

Inflammation of prostate or prostatitis causes stinging, itching when urinating, burning sensation and pain in the area of the bladder and rectum, but it is a health problem that we can also try using natural remedies. We will see how to lower the inflammation of the prostate with home remedies and how to combat it of course how to avoid it.

For the inflamed prostate diet is key and we should try to eat as natural as possible but besides that, there are natural treatments that help to lower the inflammation.

But what is good and natural for disinflamming the prostate without resorting to medicines or synthetic products? That is precisely what we see today, but let us first look at the symptoms and causes of this health problem in men.

Food is very important and the symptoms of prostate inflammation are usually itching, burning or stinging when you urinate. Today we see some home remedies for prostate inflammation or prostatitis .

Symptoms of having inflamed prostate

The most common symptoms are:

-Feeling like going to urinate very frequently or more often
-Difficulty urinating normally
-More fatigue than usual
-Burning sensation when urinating
-Pain in the lower abdominal area
-Pain in the area of the groin or anus
-Pelvic pain
-Pains when having sexual intercourse or when ejaculating

Causes of prostate inflammation

Inflammation of the prostate is usually due to a bacterial problem or other factors.

In the case of being bacterial: Small organisms produce the infection which is detected by examining the person’s urine sample. The body reacts by enlarging the size of the prostate.

If it is not bacterial (prostatitis of non-bacterial origin): It is usually accompanied by genital pain and lasts about 3 months at best. The doctor must perform the test to determine the cause.

Natural Remedies for the Big Prostate

Linseed oil

A natural anti-inflammatory for the prostate is flaxseed oil. Omega 3 fatty acids are highly recommended to consume but in cases of prostatitis much more if it fits.

To add it in our food we can for example add 2 tablespoons of this oil in our soup plate or in the salad.

Pumpkin seeds

The zinc that these seeds contain is very beneficial to control and enlargement of the prostate and to consume them daily help against this problem.

MMS or sodium chlorite

Sodium chlorite is also good for treating the problem of prostate enlargement and inflammation. You can prepare at home as you can see in this link .


It is a very good fruit to relieve the inflammations of the prostate like of the bladder and in case of eating it the ideal one is separated from other foods or what is the same, between hours, that is in fact like all the fruit should be eaten . It is also good for cystitis .

Cataplasma cabbage

One of the home remedies to lower inflammation of the prostate are cabbage poultices. Use the leaves of the cabbage to place them in the inflamed area and let them act for 25 minutes. It will help relieve the discomfort caused by prostatitis.


It is one of the natural remedies to lower inflammation of the prostate and eating 2 guavas or 3 daily is good for treating prostate inflammation .

You can also make infusions with the guava leaves , throwing a spoonful of them in a liter of boiling water and allowing them to stand for a few minutes.

Corn Beards

One of the medicinal plants for the prostate is that of the corn and specifically they use their beards. We make an infusion with the stigmas of corn by placing a handful of its leaves in a cup of boiling water, then we glue it and drink it.

Chia seeds

We put 3 tablespoons of chia seeds in a liter of water and let them soak overnight . In fasting we drink a glass a day of this gel that will have formed.

Special juice

We will only need a blender and the following ingredients:

-A bunch of parsley
-An onion
-One lemon’s juice

It is taken on an empty stomach to improve the functioning of the prostate and to reduce its inflammation.


In case of inflammation of prostate helps especially that you do not have so much urge to urinate at night.

Taking a couple of tablespoons a day is enough


Raw garlic is always excellent and is also a good home remedy and natural to treat prostate inflammation. Remember that if the person does not like to eat raw garlic there is also the option of taking garlic pearl supplements that can be obtained in specialty stores of dietetics.

It is the natural remedies to prevent inflammation of the prostate most recommended and effective.


Taking baths using warm water is a good thing to improve the circulation of the prostate gland and reduce its inflammation.

Diet for the prostate

In addition to applying certain home remedies for the prostate we take into account that the basis of everything is in the diet and so now we give you 5 basic and fundamental recommendations regarding diet to prevent or treat in this case inflammation of the prostate.

1.Avoid refined white sugar and processed foods
2.Avoid frying
3.Avoid meats and sausages
4.Avoid alcohol
5.Consume a good amount of organic fruits and vegetables

Acupuncture and Reflexology

These alternative therapies are very beneficial to treat many problems and are proven to also help with prostate problems. They also help with emotional problems that also affect health and much of the problems of the prostate.