david hogg swat team

Ever since he was catapulted to fame by CNN and the other liberal news outlets, David Hogg has been constantly condoning honest, hard-working Americans for asserting their 2nd amendment rights. Funny enough however, he probably wishes that he had a few guns after what the SWAT team just did to his house.

This arrogant little punk has been parading around on social media like he knows everything there is to know about gun violence, but as we all know, the facts disagree with him. Conservatives know that the founding fathers gave us the RIGHT to bear arms, so that we could protect ourselves against tyrannical governments.

Funny enough, in a huge twist of irony, the SWAT team just raided David Hogg’s house. Of course, he was completely defenseless due to his lack of guns, but maybe that’s for the better. According to The Guardian, here’s what happened:

The Parkland school shooting survivor and gun reform activist David Hogg was the victim of a so-called “swatting” prank on Tuesday, when a hoax 911 call saying he had been kidnapped sent a team of heavily armed police officers to his house.

Even though David Hogg is trying to play it cool on social media, we all know that he’s probably terrified and shaking with fear. In fact, he may be changing his second pair of pants already—but that’s what it’s like for kids like him. They’ve never encountered a second of danger in their entire lives, so they have no clue why the 2nd amendment exists.

Hopefully this will knock some sense into him, but we doubt it. If anything good comes out of this, he’ll recognize how easy it is for the government to become “too big to fail,” and slowly start eroding away at your freedoms. Because if he’d lived in a different country, that “SWAT team prank” may have been an actual kill team sent for a more sinister reason.


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