BREAKING: Insane Group’s Deadly Revenge Underway For Florida Shooting – Have Specific Target

The Parkview, Florida school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has turned social media into a wildfire of craziness. There are massive calls for gun control, people begging for increased mental health assistance, and people mourning the loss of friends, family, and loved ones after a single shooter senselessly murdered 17 people. The killer was located and detained, charged with the crimes, and faces life in prison or the death penalty. None of that mattered to the gunman who fell so deep into the hole of whatever caused him to commit such a heinous act of violence.

People are losing their minds on social media with their commentary, but one far-left group has called for murder. They’re making suggestions that people should kill Republican lawmakers who support the NRA. They want it to be considered revenge for the school shooting that happened in Florida. The group is called “Milkshakes Against the Republican Party,” and some of their social media posts are very suggestive in nature. Those type of posts could push someone on edge to commit another senseless crime, which places us in an infinite loop of violence that may not ever end.

If this is the far left’s way to handle reality, then it’s probably not the way to make real progress which leads us to a more peaceful country. This should be considered the promotion of terrorism and murder.

Infowars reported more on the leftist group’s call or suggestions for violence:
“A far-left group on Facebook is calling on people to murder Republican lawmakers who support the NRA as revenge for the Florida school shooting.

The unhinged posts appeared on a Facebook group called ‘Milkshakes Against the Republican Party’ in the hours after the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

“Dear Crazed Shooters, The GOP has frequent baseball practice. You really wanna be remembered, that’s how you do it. Signed, Americans tired of our politicians bathing in the blood of the innocent for a few million dollars from the terrorist organization NRA,” states one of the posts.

The irony of openly encouraging terrorist attacks as revenge against a “terrorist organization” is seemingly lost on whoever posted the message.

“You remember the shooting at the Republican baseball game?” asks another post. “One of those should happen EVERY WEEK until those NRA-funded sons of bitches do something about this.”

The mention of GOP baseball practice is in reference to the June 2017 shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise, which was carried out by a far-left Bernie Sanders supporter, James T. Hodgkinson, who was attempting to murder as many Republicans as possible.”

The leftist mentality to call for violent revenge upon people who did not pull the trigger and shoot people at a school is very irresponsible and terroristic in nature. The real problem is to address all gun crimes equally. When there are 200+ shootings in Chicago, but no one cares until a few people are shot at a school – that’s a huge problem. Why aren’t the Democrats placing value on the lives lost in Chicago and other major cities where gun violence surrounds people?

Why do leftists only use mass shootings that happen on a single day to push their agenda, but they don’t care about the hundreds of others shot on a daily basis?

Does it make sense for a leftist group to call for more violence when America is trying to come together and stop the violence? Americans are weeping on a daily basis when loved ones are losing lives, but they don’t get the big news story as a mass shooting gets. Social media doesn’t explode when a few guys in Chicago shoot each other every weekend, and that’s one of the significant problems as well.


When a leftist group calls for more violence, then they add to the problem instead of being part of the solution. Americans everywhere want peace. Americans want to live their lives and enjoy every day, not worry about who’s shooting who.

Now is the time for people to unite and realize that our lives are meaningful. It doesn’t make sense for a group to call for violence against Republican lawmakers because they are not directly responsible for the crime that a troubled young man committed.

We can say whatever we want about politicians, but we are directly responsible for our actions.

The only person that people should be mad at is the shooter.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the leftist group received a knock on the door from the authorities. Something should be done about people who call for others to commit violent acts. It should not be tolerated, and it is not the answer.

Everyone knows it’s illegal to murder each other, so maybe we can start following that law and get our country to be more peaceful.

If this is the far left’s way to fix things, then it won’t work. Hopefully, they reconsider and do something more productive. Let’s keep the 17 victims of the school shooting in mind. What would they want us to do? Would they want violence or people remaining peaceful?

How would you respond to threats from a leftist group? Please comment and share to keep the discussion going.


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