BREAKING: Muslim Congressman Who Called For Trump’s Assassination Just Got SHOCKING Dose Of Karma

For the last several months the left has supported the vile and violent hate speech against President Trump.

The “tolerant” left has openly supported those who have called for violence against Trump and even assassination threats under the guise of free speech.

However, that seems to be about to change after what Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle Nadal’s posted about a week ago.  

You see, this Democrat Senator posted on social media that she had hoped that Donald Trump would be assassinated. Soon after posting the disgusting desire Chappelle-Nadal quickly deleted the post, but the damage was already done. Political leaders on both sides of the aisle called for her resignation, but the stubborn Senator refused. Now, Chappelle-Nadal has received stunning news learning the hard way that what goes really does come around.

For decades the American people have respected the office of the president whether they liked the guy or not. It just went without saying that those in political office would always honor the man that lead the country. After all, these politicians all loved America and wanted everyone in this great country to succeed. They understood the simple truth that if the president failed that meant we all did. Though over the last decade that picture of unity and patriotism has been warped and those that want to destroy the United States have waged an all out war. That war has reached a fever pitch in the last several months that seems to be only getting worse.

So, when Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal posted on social media that she wished President Trump would be assassinated we were all outraged. Though instead of the left just sweeping this under the rug claiming that she was exercising her to free speech they openly condemned her.

On Friday Missouri Lt. Governor Mike Parsons told Senator Chappelle-Nadal that she needed to step down or she would be removed from office, and he wasn’t joking.

Soon after Lt., Governor Mike Parsons issued this statement he made good on his word and began to remove her from nine committees. This was considered more of a formality since this was needed to be done before expulsion, and that is exactly what they did.

Here is more from KMOV:

A Missouri lawmaker who temporarily posted a social media remark hoping for President Donald Trump’s assassination has been removed from some legislative duties.

Republican and Democratic state Senate leaders on Tuesday rescinded all of the committee assignments of Democratic Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal. That comes as the St. Louis area lawmaker has resisted calls to resign for posting a Facebook comment last week that said: “I hope Trump is assassinated!”

Later on Tuesday, Missouri Lt. Gov. Michael L. Parson called for the Missouri Senate to go into a special session in conjunction with a veto session with the purpose of expelling the senator.

“The recent inflammatory comments made by Senator Chappelle-Nadal are unacceptable and unbefiting conduct of a Missouri State Senator,” he said. “Condemnation for these remarks was swift and bipartisan.  Governor Greitens, Senator McCaskill, Congressman Clay, Congressman Cleaver, and numerous others – including myself – have called for Senator Chappelle-Nadal to resign, but she has thus far refused.  I would like to thank Minority Leader Gina Walsh for her swift action to condemn the Senator’s remarks and remove her from committee assignments.”

Chappelle-Nadal later deleted the statement and has since apologized. But Missouri’s Republican governor and lieutenant governor have said senators should oust her from office if she doesn’t resign.

She had been a member of nine legislative committees. Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard and Minority Leader Gina Walsh rescinded those assignments.

Of course, this is huge and it makes many people wonder what else is going on behind the scene. Let’s have a quick moment of honesty here. For years, we have seen those on the left and especially in the minority community given a free pass for their hate speech, but now there is an apparent switch.

Kevin Jackson of The Blacksphere has this to say about the situation and he seems to be spot on.

“Folks, this is not simply about Chappelle-Nadal.

Something much larger is afoot, and again, I believe it has to do with how well Trump resonates within the black community. Moreover, many blacks have awakened to exactly how much damage Obama did.

wrote not long ago:

Under President Trump, the Congressional Black Circus actually have a shot at helping their constituents. And yet they refuse to support the man.

I get it. How would they explain success to the blacks who have suffered under their “leadership” for decades?

What has this organization done to actually advance black people? Funding protests, inciting riots, and teaching victimhood hasn’t helped?

Black people have lost ground in all, repeat all socioeconomic areas. And the biggest lack of socioeconomic progress happened under a black president.

I’ve written extensively on how blacks are suddenly excelling in the wake of Donald Trump’s outreach.”

Either way, it is rather shocking to see that Marie Chappelle-Nadal is being ousted by the left. There is more obviously more to the story that eventually will be revealed, however, it is great to see someone on the left being held accountable for their hate speech.


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