BREAKING: President Trump Just Tweeted This About Judge Gorsuch And It’s VIRAL

President Donald Trump said back on Tuesday night last week that he will be nominating Neil Gorsuch to succeed Antonin Scalia on the United States Supreme Court. The President made the announcement from the East Room of the White House, in a prime-time event after a day of speculation.

This was yet another one of Trump’s campaign promises coming true, as millions of people wanted Gorsuch to be nominated for possessing outstanding legal skills, as well as a brilliant mind and tremendous discipline.

Today however, during his confirmation hearing, Dianne Feinstein tried to make the floor slippery for our judge nominee by asking him a not-so-well constructed question concerning the second amendment. And while the question itself was not something that left every American with an open mouth, it was actually judge Gorsuch’s response to the question, that left us all positively shocked, as he schooled Feinstein on the second amendment.

Feinstein asked the judge whether or not he agreed with the statement of the second amendment which states that weapons which have been most useful in the military services such as M-16 rifles and everything alike, may be banned. Dianne even seemed to be pressuring to answer the question with a simply “Yes” or “No”.

However Gorsuch, being the extraordinary man he is, replied by saying that it did not matter whether he agreed or disagreed with the statement, as it should be followed nonetheless because it is the law.

The way Gorsuch made Feinstein look like she did not know how to form and structure a sentence was even noticed by President Trump himself, who wrote on Twitter:

Epic. And to end things sugary sweet, during the confirmation hearing, Gorsuch took time to thank his wife for the incredible support she was to him, throughout all these years:


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