California Chief Justice Demands ICE Stop Arresting Illegals – Americans Are Not Happy

It seems that the state of California does not have enough issues as it is, so the California Chief Justice has taken it upon herself to DEMAND from ICE to stop arresting illegal aliens.

Sacramento Bee has reported that Cantil-Sakauye said she was deeply concerned of the apprehending Illegal Aliens, and the courthouses.

“Courthouses should not be used as bait in the necessary enforcement of our country’s immigration laws,” wrote Sakauye in a letter which was sent to the Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly. This anti-American judge stated that court houses need to be a “safe place” to administer justice.

She goes on to write:

“Each layer of government – federal, state, and local – provides a portion of the fabric of our society that preserves law and order and protects the rights and freedoms of the people. The separation of powers and checks and balances at the various levels and branches of government ensure the harmonious existence of the rule of law.”

Shortly put, after 8 horrible years of the Dictatorial Obama Presidency, the California Judges finally came around to read the 10th amendment and understand the separations of power. Wow, how convenient.

A court house as a safe place? Seriously? In a state where we are living in red constantly, as a result of welfare, medical and school funds Illegal immigrants drained. Aside from that, a place where the condition of our infrastructure is among the worst in the nation, where crime is skyrocketing and murders are a normal thing? And this judge wants the court room to be a safe place?




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