California: Worst State In Nation For Infrastructure Spending

Great weather, national parks, wine country, In-n-Out Burger and legalized marijuana make California a pretty great place to live.

But burgers, wine, and weather can’t save California from their latest disaster.

According to Breitbart:

California wins the booby prize as the worst state in the nation for spending money on infrastructure, according to the latest Visual Capitalist financial analysis…

…According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), a United States “infrastructure gap” has developed at the federal and the state levels. They estimate that if the gap is not closed with increased investment, it could create a $4 trillion drag on GDP by 2025. On personal level, that works out to a $3,400 cost per household between 2016 and 2025…

…Breitbart News reported that the ASCE in 2013 first warned that California had a $65 billion infrastructure investment deficit in providing an adequate level of public infrastructure for dams, waterways, airports, roads, bridges, seaports and tunnels. And in a warning that should have been heeded before this year’s near collapse of the Oroville Dam spillway, ASCE’s “Infrastructure Report Card” awarded a “D” grade for levees/flood control as California’s most neglected sector…

The state is only somewhat below average total infrastructure spending on a per capita basis. Virtual Capitalist gave it an overall rank of 33 — but that was only because while it ranked lowest in state spending, it ranked highest in federal spending.

With California in desperate need of emergency infrastructure spending to repair its crumbling dams and flood control infrastructure, the Los Angeles Times reported that Gov. Jerry Brown submitted a $100-billion infrastructure wish list to the Trump Administration.

There really isn’t a need for an article to tell people traffic sucks in California. Even chomping on an In-N-Out burger doesn’t help the bumper to bumper traffic.

All the traffic. All the sensitive snowflakes. All the taxes.

I’m not sure where all those taxes go, but it certainly isn’t to create another lane on the highway.

Such a blue state to submit such a long wish list to the Trump administration. Don’t ya think?

via thefederalistpapers