Just when we thought every disgusting Democrat had been exposed, another pervert comes out of the woodwork. It seems that there’s no liberal out there in a position of power who is not lewd. However, it turns out that the best was saved for last. Don’t count on mainstream media covering this one, since he’s one of their own.

It’s been a week or two since sexual allegations about a liberal have come out and perhaps that’s because those who know they’ve done dirty things are worried they’re next. The guilty are likely desperately trying to hush their victims with whatever they have to offer, which if that was the case here, it didn’t work. While most recent accusers have been grown women who have been equally implicated in the acts they come forward with years after the act, this latest victim is a teen and very much had no part in the perversion she endured from a mainstream media bigwig.

New York Daily News reports:

A CNBC director who worked on finance guru Suze Orman’s show has been accused of peeping on his teenage au pair with a spy-cam in a bathroom of his Westchester home, the Daily News has learned.

Dan Switzen, 44, hid a camera inside a tissue box in his home in Pleasantville, according to authorities.

On Nov. 13, his 18-year-old live-in nanny invited two of her friends, also 18, over to the house and one of them discovered the camera in the bathroom, sources said.

The horrified teens took the camera to Pleasantville police about 7:50 p.m. that night and cops found incriminating images on its memory card.

Cops secured a search warrant, then arrested Switzen on a felony count of unlawful surveillance.

“He intentionally installed a video recording device in a tissue box located in his family’s bathroom to surreptitiously view a person dressing or undressing…at a place and time when (the victim) had a reasonable expectation of privacy without (her) knowledge or consent,” the complaint filed in Pleasantview Village Court reads.

CNBC’s Dan Switzen

However, what makes this crime worse, is that perhaps because of his status and public position, the pervert has gotten off scot-free, so far. His lawyer is defending his client by claiming he’s “a very decent family man.” Switzen was released without bail which can only be seen as a slap in the face to his teen accuser who had the guts to take the camera to the police, knowing that this would become a very public and painful ordeal once she did.

This pervert needs to be held accountable since what he’s accused of is a serious crime, as Zero Hedge points out:

“Unlawful surveillance is a class E felony in New York, punishable by probation or up to four years in prison.”

Along with Switzen’s work for CNBC, he runs a ‘beachbody‘ coaching service with his wife, operating a website – which has been yanked down (but archived) – promoting his fitness business – ‘Get Fit With Dan.’”

In what seems like a desperation move to paint himself as a dedicated husband and family man, perhaps ahead of this scandal coming out, Switzen recently made the following statement that reeks of fakeness:

“Having my wife as my work ot partner has been a great inspiration. Seeing her work hard and getting results makes me work harder. We push and encourage each other which definitely gets us through the workouts. Working out should be fun and not a chore. By working out together we have enhanced our relationship.” -Dan Switzen

Just like all of the other dirty Democrats, Dan isn’t fooling anyone – if the allegations against him are true, he’s just another in the party of perverts who want to preach about women’s rights while abusing them with their perversions. This is a big deal and now it’s starting to make a lot more sense as to why so many liberals made and still make a big deal about a comment Donald Trump made before he was the president – it was a deflection technique knowing that it was only a matter of time before all of their sexual scandals were pulled out of the woodwork.

Dan shouldn’t be painted as a family man nor should he be let off the hook for hiding a camera in a Kleenex box. Crimes are based on intent and he clearly didn’t want his nanny to see that he was peeping on her. This wasn’t for the safety of his family to be monitoring her, since if that was the case, he could have put a camera in at least somewhat plain view and NOT in the bathroom. Most babysitters expect to be checked in on when they’re caring for other people’s kids, not perpetrated on in a very private moment. Now it’s only a matter of time before she’s accused of wanting it and the attention, which is about as sick as it gets.


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