FOX News Just Made MAJOR Change And Infuriates ALL Conservative Fans – Why Would They Do This!?


Fox News has made major changes that have conservative heads exploding across the country. They didn’t hire Rosie O’Donnell for a prime time position, as that would certainly be explosive in the worst possible way, but Fox News certainly did something that has Conservatives in an absolute uproar. In fact, it would be an absolute nightmare and Fox News would sink faster than the Titanic if they ever made that mistake! Thankfully Fox News hasn’t sunken as low as a broken ship. However, Fox News certainly turned heads with a new remodeled room that has people questioning their agenda. To be safe, there was probably a lot of people making that tilted stare face that Tucker Carlson does whenever his guests say something that indicates they might have a lower IQ than he thought.

This all happened shortly after Lt. Col. Oliver North left Fox News to become the new president of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and Fox News did their version of a makeover on his old office. Whoever was in charge of the office makeover turned it into a meditation room that comes complete with prayer rugs most notably associated with the Muslim culture. Numerous left-wing independent news outlets picked this up and called it getting “woke” which is the slang term for being “aware.”

Some critics expressed that they would rather have a cot and a pillow to take a nap if they’re spending time being in a meditative room. Other’s joked that they better not let Stormy Daniels in there or she might lose a few articles of clothing.

Some of the independent liberal news outlets may have tried to tie this in with Islamophobia and even reached as far as mentioning transphobia when talking about policies that were brought up in Fox News training.


The new prayer room and mandatory training might appeal to liberals who have a particular agenda, but they don’t seem to work with people who have an opposite agenda. There seems to be a clash of ideas and norms and many have expressed that they would rather have no prayer room at all. Many Conservatives generally believe in God and a Christian lifestyle. Having prayer rugs may cause quite a controversy while still not making the activists happy.

IJR reported more on Fox News and their bizarre new room that replaces Ollie North’s office: “On the heels of announcing its new chief executive — the first female to hold the position in the network’s 22-year history — Fox News’ headquarters reportedly now features a “meditation room” complete with Muslim prayer rugs.

According to a report from Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman, Fox News revamped its C-suite on Thursday after announcing its new CEO, Suzanne Scott, who previously served as the network’s head of programming.

The Fox News offices are, as Sherman noted, “getting woke.”

The office formerly belonging to retired Lt. Col. Oliver North, who recently vacated his post at Fox News to take on a job as president of the National Rifle Association, has reportedly been transformed into a “meditation room” with prayer rugs for Muslim staffers.

“People are terrified. They kicked Ollie North out and put in a prayer room. We’ve got a new trans policy. You’re not allowed to be transphobic,” one source told Sherman, with another insider adding, “People’s heads are blowing up.”

Fox News workers now also attend mandatory sexual harassment trainings, and the employee intranet features a section devoted to gender-transition guidelines and policies.

A spokesperson for the news outlet told Sherman the Fox News offices are “not the Wild West anymore; there are now policies and procedures.”

Will the new relaxation room with prayer rugs be a problem? Will members of Fox News eventually get rid of the rugs or will they stay and remain in place with no one really paying attention to them.

Is Fox News bending to the activists who demand that everyone follow their agenda while ignoring their own? Is this going overboard to appease political correctness?

What will Fox News do if the employees complain that they would like to have the rugs removed? Will Fox News respond to the general needs of their employees or will they keep the prayer room intact in hopes to appeal to a liberal ideology or another religion?


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