Girl Looks down Well. But When She Opens Her Mouth, I Was Blown Away by What Was Happening.

Many of us today are filming those special events, spontaneous moments, and anything we think might become a viral video sensation. One young musician captured just that type of a moment, and people around the globe are loving it!

Tiffany Day, 17, was on a spring break trip with her Kansas high school choir. They were touring Italy and stopping at Italian cathedrals along the way to perform.

While in Venice, Tiffany noticed a well, and the musician in her wanted to sing into the well to hear the echo. She decided to hand her phone to a friend to capture this sudden inner impulse.

She leaned forward with her head down toward the well and began singing “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. The echo back filled the room with the most unbelievable sound.

“Hallelujah” is a popular song that most of us have heard on the radio, sung by choirs, or in the movies. But how many of us remember Leonard Cohen singing his version of the song?

Let this video from the ’80s take you back to the original release by Cohen singing his hit song. Listen to his deep voice as he belted out the old, familiar tune.

Cohen released this song in 1984, and it merged early rock and roll and gospel music together. “Hallelujah” has been sung by over 300 different musicians and in many different languages.

As Tiffany sang her beautiful version of the song into the well, the place became silent as everyone around listened to her perfect pitch. The echo was breathtaking and arguably brought chills to all who listened to her amazing voice.

Wow, talk about blown away! And what about her cute, little smile at the end … confirming she liked it, too!

Tiffany posted the video on Twitter with the caption “found a well in Italy with a nice echo.” She sang into a well in Italy, but the echo is being heard across the world.

Her video has been retweeted by thousands and seen by even more. Tiffany’s spontaneous moment has brought her many viewers, and we only hope to hear more from this young musician in the future.


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