Girls Line Up To Catch Bouquet…But Keep Your Eyes On Girl In Middle..

Was NOT Expecting That!!

Weddings mark an exceptionally special day for the bride and groom, but rarely are they life-changing for anyone else. One bride decided to share the spotlight and make her day memorable for her maid of honor as well. What she planned was so adorable and extremely unique!

You could tell she was up to something when it came time for the bouquet toss. Her bridesmaids, all dressed in pink, giggled and smiled while they lined up to catch the bouquet. The bride seemed to hem and haw while she geared up for the toss. She obviously couldn’t decide whether or not to toss them overhead, or so they thought. Little did they know she wanted to pull off a big surprise. She finally chose to walk the flowers over to her maid of honor.

Everyone seemed confused at first, but when the maid of honor turned around with flowers in hand to find her boyfriend standing behind her it all seemed to make sense. He came up to give her a big kiss and everyone burst into laughter thinking the bride simply wanted to give her maid of honor the bouquet.

However, when her boyfriend got down on one knee, the wedding guests burst into applause and cheer. Her reaction was certainly priceless! It’s always so incredible when a man is able to pull off an extremely romantic proposal and keep it a complete surprise; this one was done exceptionally well. The atmosphere was perfect and she looked stunning!

Watch the entire proposal go down in the short clip below and see how they pulled this off without a hitch!