GM recall

A software glitch that fails to deploy airbags in a crash has led General Motors (GM) to recall over 88,000 vehicles. 

Owners of these vehicles should verify with the information below that their particular model is covered in the recall, and make arrangements immediately to have the vehicle serviced.

The vehicles being recalled are GM’s GMC Terrain crossover SUVs produced between March of 2017 and May of 2018.

A software defect in the Terrain sometimes causes the airbag sensor to stay on when the vehicle is turned off. When the vehicle is restarted, the software could glitch, causing the airbag sensor to malfunction in the event of a crash.

Drivers can visit the GMC recall center online (click here) and enter their vehicle identification number (VIN) to verify any recalls issued.

GM recall
GMC Terrain

Auto News reports.

General Motors is recalling certain 2018 GMC Terrain crossover in the U.S. because a software defect may prevent airbags from deploying during a crash.

The recall affects 88,129 Terrains produced between March 2017 and May 2018.

In the affected vehicles, the sensing diagnostic module — which controls airbag deployment — might not deactivate correctly when the vehicle is powered off, according to a report filed with NHTSA.

If this happens, the module may be defective when the vehicle is restarted, the report says.

“If the SDM is inoperative when the vehicle is started, the airbag warning lamp will be illuminated,” the report says, “the driver information center will display a “service restraint system” message, and warning chimes will sound.”

GM estimated in NHSTA documents that 1 percent of the vehicles recalled could have the defect.

Problems with the modules were identified in January by a GM engineer, the report says. An investigation was launched on March 28, and data analysis performed on April 20 showed no accidents, injuries or fatalities.

GM dealerships will reprogram the modules with updated software, but the automaker has not provided dates for when dealers and customers will be notified.

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