This Guy Found A Tiny Little Bird Who Was Trapped And Was Able To Reunite Him With His Worried Mom And Dad.

On a work break, Patrick Smith spotted a tiny Killdeer chick who was trapped. He rescued the baby and spotted two worried looking parents in the distance who rushed to greet their lost child as he waddled back to them. How we love a happy ending!

Patrick was keen to add the following important information beneath his video:

I found a baby Killdeer!Even though it was okay for me to hold the baby bird in this specific circumstance, PLEASE do not pick up baby animals all willy-nilly because it will probably give them tiny little baby heart attacks and could possible injure them.

A year after the rescue, he posted a heartwarming update:

Hi guys, just letting you all know that the baby bird has grown up to be a healthy (and fast!) adult. He visits me sometimes when I sit out there on my lunch breaks. There is a female killdeer that he follows around… I think he fancies her 😉

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