HELL YEAH! Look White Pence Just Did At Olympics After They Locked Him Out In The COLD! ‘Merica!

The Olympics is not even entirely underway yet and the world is showing how they feel about the U.S. administration in a disgusting way that’s never been allowed before. Like all other major sporting events since President Donald Trump took office, it’s been an affair of who can come up with the more disparaging act against America and our leadership than the next person. The Olympics shouldn’t be a place for this, but we’re seeing that’s not the case with US athletes leading the charge of disrespect toward our president and vice president.

President Trump was targeted at the games already today by a couple of classless impersonators who waltzed onto the scene, one pretending to be a cliché version of him that liberals have created. It’s was rude and in exceptionally poor taste that got a laugh out of anti-Trump athletes and the liberals media back at home here in the U.S. This immature antic was followed up by more juvenile behavior out of adults in charge of the Olympics who decided to ensure that the Vice President of the most powerful nation in the world wasn’t given the VIP treatment and locked him out in the cold away from other world leaders in attendance.

The left thought that what happened to Pence was pretty funny but weren’t laughing a short time later when he infuriated his detractors by showing every person inside who’s boss. He put America first and made the citizens who support him proud in an awesomely unexpected way.

Like many dignitaries and athletes trying to make it through the chaotic Olympic area, Pence arrived a few minutes late to a dinner in which he was scheduled to attend. While it’s not uncommon, the organizers were quick to use it against him and refused him a seat at the table. Rather than letting him in, they left him outside as a total show of disrespect. The Washington Post’s Anna Fifield reported that Pence is at the 2018 games representing President Donald Trump’s administration.

Instead of sitting with U.S. athletes, organizers let him in and forced him to sit next to North Korea’s ceremonial head of state, Kim Yong Nam, among other dignitaries. It was awkward and intentional and he greeted everyone at the table except America’s North Korean nemesis, according to the Huffington Post. However, that was just the start of what he did to prove that he, and America, are the greatest at the table or in the stands at the game.

Ironically, the liberal rag Think Progress slammed the VP for what he did next after praising racist players for doing the same for months, for a different reason.

It’s all First Amendment and bravery when entitled pro football players don’t stand, but when Mike Pence refuses to do so for any other anti-American country but the United States, it’s a major offense. The reality is, Pence put America first and made a statement of his own that nobody was expecting out of this rather quiet guy with an almost perpetual smile. This is what makes his message even more badass.

However, Think Progress has a different take on it:

Athletes from North Korea and South Korea marching under the same flag in the opening ceremonies of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games was a significant symbolic moment for many. Vice President Mike Pence, in Pyeongchang to lead the U.S. delegation, was not impressed, however.

The Washington Post’s Anna Fifield described “huge cheers” when the unified Korea team entered the stadium on Friday. She also said it appeared that everyone in the VP’s box stood to acknowledge the moment — except Pence and his wife, Karen.

If Pence used the moment to make a political statement, it would be an interesting tactic, considering he walked out of an NFL game last year because several players linked arms or took a knee during the playing of the national anthem — a silent protest against injustice and inequality that Pence just couldn’t bear to witness.

It’s hilarious how it’s all statement and rights to make it when it supports liberal ideas, but when Pence rightfully chooses not to honor a nation that’s testing ballistic missiles to use against America, it’s some great offense. That’s when you sit, kneel, or don’t acknowledge what a flag represents – not when you’re getting paid millions of dollars to throw a ball yet somehow feel like you’re suffering under oppression. The real people who know what true oppression really feels like, are living under North Korea’s regime, without electricity, food, or information from the outside world. Pence was sitting for them too, knowing that they deserve freedom from their despot dictator.

Liberals need to know their outrage and get it right. If they did, they would be sitting with Pence and standing for the American flag.

via: https://freedom-daily.com/hell-yeah-look-white-pence-just-olympics-locked-cold-merica/

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