How to Grow an Unlimited Amount of Blueberries in Your Backyard

There are few things more perfect than a perfectly ripe blueberry. Even better? You can grow them yourself – and easily!

Growing organic blueberries is much easier than most people think, and though most varieties will take three years to begin producing fruit, talking with your local nursery you may be able to get a slightly mature plant.

First, you need to find a good spot.

Blueberry plants need good soil, and prefer lots of sunlight. Raised beds can also help your soil drain well, which blueberries prefer.

Secondly, don’t cramp your plants – mature bushes can require up to six feet of space.

Third, learn the seasons in your part of the world. Most places, though, a spring planting of a mature bush should have you ready for a July or August harvest.

As far as mulching, we recommend sawdust, but grass clippings, pine bark, and rind mulch all also work.

Fourth, prune your bush regularly, which allows for maximal fruit growth.

Fifth, we strongly recommend organic fertilizers.

Enjoy watching your blueberry bushes grow!


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