If You See A Woman With An Engagement Ring On Her Pinky, Here’s What It REALLY Means…

Like a pinky-promise on steroids, many young women are wearing engagement rings on their pinky fingers to symbolize a particular kind of love.

Maybe it’s just a passing trend, but these pinky rings are popping up on social media photos, celebrity fingers and, of course, have a starring role in jewelry stores. Many women are buying engagement-type rings for themselves and wearing them in a unique way.

These rings symbolize the philosophy that a woman needs to love herself first. Women who sport the ring are making a commitment to self-love, self-kindness, and serve as a reminder that putting oneself first isn’t always a selfish decision.

The ring makes a statement of independence; finding wholeness as a single person. What happens when a single person who is happy and whole gets married? The person becomes a happy and whole married person. Likewise, what happens when an insecure and needy person gets married?
The person is now an insecure and needy married person. These rings serve as a reminder to become satisfied with who you are as a single person, whether or not marriage is ever in the cards.

Women are pledging the mantra, “I pinky promise to honor myself, to choose myself, to remember myself, on a daily basis.” The heart-shaped rings sparkle and shimmer, come at various prices, but serve the same purpose regardless of the size of the bling.

What do you think? Women, do you subscribe to this philosophy, or know someone who does? Is this a passing trend, or maybe here to stay awhile? We’d love to hear from you.

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