Laura Ingraham Just Destroyed Moron Juan Williams For The Sick Thing He Said, He’s Done

The last time witless failed former NPR reporter Juan Williams and radio host Laura Ingraham matched wits on Fox News, Juan was humiliated by her. He obviously did not learn his lesson, as he agreed to be on the same panel with her again for Fox News Sunday.

She utterly clobbered Juan again, after he baited her with some foolish sleazy questions. Said Juan Williams, trying to smear Donald Trump again, When the president — when the president — oh, no, I’m just saying, gee, look at the fountain here. You want to point out all the splashes. But I’m telling you, where’s the source?”

He continued, “And it seems to me he goes after the judiciary — if that doesn’t scares people. I mean he goes after the acting attorney general. He goes after a judge in the Trump University case and suggests that he’s incompetent because he has Mexican heritage. Do you think people don’t get scared…”

Ingraham cut him off and set him straight, saying, “Well, let’s — OK, that’s the — that story in the election. People are still mad about that. I get that. The — now the president of the United States, these things will go through the legal channels. Debate the substance of these issues. The substantive debate I think is lacking. We’re talking about Ivanka’s shoe line. Then we’re talking about the moment. Then we’re talking about…”

Williams cut her off, saying, “That was Kellyanne coming on — on Fox and saying, go by Ivanka’s — that’s not right. People will have a reaction.” Interjected Julie Pace, “Actually a real desire to debate the substance of the issue…I really do.” Shot back Ingraham, putting Williams’ dumb liberal point of view to rest for good, “I don’t. They lose every time. They lose on immigration. They lose on trade. They lose on — on — on fighting all these wars in the Middle East. They’ve lost on the three big issues that Trump ran on.” Ouch! How much do you love Laura for destroying Juan Williams yet again?


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