Lawmakers Are Pushing To Place Ban On Wearing Muslim Burqa In Public. Do You Support This?

As we all know, the number of refugees coming into America and Europe from Muslim nations is increasing. Officials are currently discussing the matter of whether the issues have to adapt to the new culture which is hosting them, and Switzerland is leading the conversation.

The Swiss lawmakers are imposing a nation-wide ban on face veils. This is clearly a pointed gesture against the burqas-wearing women as part of the country’s small minority.

The country is extremely afraid that people hiding behind these religious customs might have intentions to inflict terror or crime on innocent Switzerland citizens.

The ban on the Islamic veils was passed in the lower house of Swiss parliament in September, by a tight vote of 88 to 87, and since then it went to the higher chambers of the government in order to actually be enacted into law.

The ban was originally proposed by Walter Wobmann, who is a member of the Swiss People’s Party.

Wobmann himself isn’t a big fan of immigration and was successful back in 2009 when he pushed for a ban on the construction of mosque minarets in Switzerland. He now thinks that the next big thing that Muslims need to do if they want to live in Switzerland is to leave burqas.

Veils are an attack on integration in a free society,” Woman said, according to The Independent. “The ban on religiously motivated coverings in public is proportionate and violates neither freedom of religion nor expression. It does not constitute discrimination.”

If the law is enacted by any chance, face veils would be banned in all public places, with a few exceptions such as religious sites and other places.



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