Libs Tricked Into Thinking Trump’s Going On 17-Day Vacay – Has Secret Surprise For Obama Instead

Earlier this week, it was announced that President Donald Trump would be leaving for his first vacation since becoming president. The publicized plan was that he would be spending 17 days at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey starting this Friday.

While the notion of him taking a well-deserved break to golf was causing liberal minds to explode across the country, the truth of what he really set out to do is about to send the left over the edge.

It’s not actually about rest, relaxation, and tee time for the president, he’s actually spending the next 17 days on a secret surprise for Barack Obama. Now that he’s left for this so-called vacation the truth is out and his predecessor can’t hide from it.

It’s ironic how the left will complain each infrequent time that Trump goes golfing when it pales in comparison to his predecessor. Barack Obama spent a record amount of time on the course, avoiding responsibilities and ignoring catastrophes, while he perpetually worked on his game, rather than improving the country he was in charge of.

In a way, it’s humorous that Trump’s used the excuse that he’s spending 17 days away at his golf course as a perfect cover for why he’s really working away from the White House for nearly two weeks. If it wasn’t for the filthy thing Obama did before he left, Trump and his family would have stayed comfortable right where they were at in the West Wing.

The President is fresh off the heels of the left’s latest contrived controversy over Trump allegedly calling the White House “a dump” as a matter of negativity, which was proven to be untrue. He’s having to leave because of what the dangerous remnants that the Obamas left him with as well as a few other factors found inside his home at 1600 Pensylvania Ave.

The secret is out about what Obama did in the White House based on what’s having to be fixed.

The Hill reports:

President Trump and his staff are set to temporarily move out of the West Wing as renovations on the building get underway.

Trump leaves Friday for what the White House has called an extended “working vacation” at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J., while his staff in Washington will clear out of the West Wing and move into the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next door.

Work has already begun to replace the West Wing’s 27-year-old heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, a White House official told reporters Thursday. Because of the frequency of use, the HVAC system’s usage age is pegged at around 84 years old.

While it seems innocuous to repair an aging HVAC system, there are more renovations that will be underway, displacing the first family for over two weeks. Given some recent filthy discoveries of Obama’s, it’s safe to assume that some of these disgusting issues will be remedied while contractors are remodeling.

Liberals’ criticism of Trump making a private comment about the White House being “a dump” had nothing to do with the historical house itself. In fact, it brought to light an embarrassing issue about Obama’s cleanliness that the left is ashamed to admit. You could say, they’re “sweeping it under the rug” with all of his other nasty secrets found there.

Trump had every right to say what he did and since that remark came to light, former Obama staffers have brought their horrifying stories to the surface about what they saw while he was in office.

Despite being the most powerful leader in the world with every resource at his fingertips to fix things, the Obamas didn’t seem to mind allowing cockroaches to literally infest the White House. It’s gross enough they lived among this rancid issue for years and allowed it to fester out of control, but it’s worse that they showed a complete lack of respect for the White House by not addressing it.

Why the left wants to make a huge issue out of what Trump said, again, they fail to miss the real reason he had the right to say that. If it wasn’t for their liberal leader allowing this cockroach problem to go unchecked for years, Trump wouldn’t have rightfully called it a dump — Obama made it that way which is actually disrespectful, not what Trump said.

People can complain all they want about Trump’s “golf vacation” which he was forced to take for long-overdue renovations. The fact of the matter is that while he’ll be at his own golf club, he won’t be getting in the tee time that Obama would have since he’ll be working away from home.

Even if he decided to vacation for real, it’s well deserved given all the incredible change he’s made in the country in his first 200 days without a break.


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