Melania Just Showed Up With Trump In Ohio Overnight After Getting Horribly Tragic News

First Lady Melania Trump spent the weekend with the president at their resort in Palm Beach, Florida, affectionally referred to as the “Winter White House.” There, they celebrated the Super Bowl together but no sooner did the game end that Melania received some horribly tragic news. Monday morning, she President Trump were on a flight to Ohio where she spent the entire day and now we know why. While she was there, something truly incredible happened in the midst of struggle and heartbreak, that the media is strangely silent about.

There’s one thing that set this first lady apart from her predecessor and that’s when she sees a need in this country, she goes to it. We saw this during the Christmas season when she returned to the flood-ravaged state of Texas long after the water had receded and people had forgotten about the disaster, but the suffering a loss still remained. She proved that these people are her people and important to her. Helping is something that is always near to her heart. However, her legacy of her time in office will be what she’s done for the weakest and most deserving children in this country.

Melania is no stranger to children’s hospitals as she has spent more time at them in her first six months than Michelle Obama did in two terms in the White House. Her visits aren’t for attention and publicity as Michelle’s one or two stops at children’s hospitals were. She has genuine compassion for sick kids and spends a substantial amount of time with each child while she’s there. On Monday, she went to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center where one little girl got a lot of her attention after the two connected

Melania had heard that the start of these children’s lives was tragic. They were born into addiction as victims of the opioid crisis that has plagued the nation, particularly, Ohio. No child should have to start life with withdrawals and possible life-long complications from having been exposed to heavy narcotics in gestation. Both she and President Trump have made tackling this opioid crisis a top priority after Barack Obama ignored it and let it swell to epidemic levels.

Like Melania’s many other hospital visits, she brought gifts and crafts for the kids that she helped them with together while talking to each one. During the course of her visit, one little girl working on a watercolor painting asked for Melania to come see it. The First Lady gasped as soon as she saw the endearing piece of art she was working on of an American flag. A second little girl nearby reached out to Melania with her arms out wanting to be held. Without hesitation, she picked the beautiful blonde child up in her arms and cuddled her for a while as if she were her own. The pictures captured in the room show a palpable connection the First Lady had with all the children, especially this one.

Dayton Daily News reports:

Melania Trump did not make a statement or field any questions from reporters, but she did speak with doctors at the hospital about neonatal abstinence syndrome, which occurs when a newborn infant develops symptoms of withdrawal following exposure to opioids during pregnancy.

Melania Trump thanked the hospital for “a very warm and informative visit” in a statement.

“I am so grateful for your continued research on combating opioid abuse and for all you are doing for your patients,” she said. “Children will always be my top priority and I appreciated the opportunity to visit with the young patients today and witness firsthand their strength and spirit.”

The Cincinnati region, like many others in the country, has seen “a dramatic increase” in opioid abuse, Dr. James Greenberg, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Perinatal Institute co-director and Division of Neonatology director, said to the First Lady.

First Lady Melania Trump visits with children at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Monday. LISA POWELL / STAFF Staff Writer
“Beyond the profound challenges faced by those with substance use disorders and their families, the unborn fetus is also at risk if exposed to opioids during pregnancy.”

Greenberg said that over the past eight years the Cincinnati region has seen an 8 1/2-fold increase in the rate of newborns exposed to opioids during pregnancy.

“This means more than two infants a day in the Cincinnati area,” he said.

While Melania spent the day with the children, President Trump was in Cincinnati to meet with business leaders at the Sheffer Corporation in Blue Ash. The corporation that specializes in hydraulic components and custom cylinders had just been the beneficiary of Trump’s tax cuts which they passed on to all their employees with $1000 bonuses for each one.

When the president promised to help the “average” American, he has continually done just that. Melania has as well by being directly involved with the often forgotten victims of the opioid crisis. The incredible pair are making a massive difference in America’s heartland where it really matters most.


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