Muslim Group Attempts To Get Texas Veteran School Teacher Fired For Offending Islam, He Has Just 4 POWERFUL Words For Them…

Once again the Lone Star State and in particular James A. Bretney are speaking out and reminding us all of the power of exercising or First Amendment Right, without fear.

Bretney a former Army veteran, turned educator began teaching at a Texas high school recently came under attack for expressing is views regarding Islam, which apparently got him in trouble with the Muslim community who expressed outrage and demanded that he be fired for “insulting Islam.”

Bretney served 3 tours in Iraq

However unlike the majority of academics who haven’t a clue about Islam, except what they read in decade-old textbooks, the Iraqi war veteran knows first hand about Islamic culture having served 3-tours of duty in that war-torn region.

Moreover, his politically incorrect opinion of Islam is protected by “our First Amendment” and when a demand was issued by the Council on American-Islamic Relations for him to apologize or else, the brave Army vet selected these 4-words to respond “I’m not backing down.”

Bretney witnessed and experienced first hand the brutality of Islamic culture and the more than 270-million deaths committed in the name of Islam. The 9th grade teacher in an interview recently with ABC News expressed his determination to express himself for comments he made while debating a Muslim attorney stating “I hate Islam” and “Islam is bad.”

Those comments were made not in a school setting, but in a conversation with the attorney, who apparently saw an opportunity to turn this exchange into another “progressive political talking point.”

The discourse was simply a debate between two opposing ideologies in which Bretney pointed out to the attorney: “You don’t know what you are talking about; your insensitivity to human suffering saddens me. Islam did this,” he said, referring to a photo of mutilated children.

Bretney continued; “Embrace Islam & you embrace death.”

CAIR is using this political debate between two adults as means to force Bretney out of his teaching job.

“I respect my students. I love my students. My students are the reason I am in that classroom but this is not about that. This is about one man expressing his opinion,” said Bretney.

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