Photo: Trump Breaks From Easter Egg Roll to Write Notes to the Troops

Some in the liberal media have done their worst to try to portray President Donald Trump as an aloof and calculating businessman who cares little for regular people and is anxious to send the men and women of our military — about whom he also doesn’t care — off to their deaths in unnecessary military engagements just so he can appear as a strong leader on the world stage.

But according to the Independent Journal Review, Trump’s actions at Monday’s annual White House Easter Egg Roll event would seem to significantly undercut that already ludicrous narrative.

While Trump took part in the normal traditions of the event, such as delivering an address while flanked by the Easter Bunny, officiating the egg roll race and meeting with children and their families, he also took part in another activity with children that he had alluded to earlier in his opening remarks.

“We’re going to do cards for soldiers in a little bit, Melania and Barron and myself,” Trump said. “We’re going downstairs, we’re going to sign some cards to our great troops — they’re cards for troops — and we look forward to that.”

Trump, first lady Melania and youngest son Barron did indeed take part in the activity later, joining a group of children at a picnic table with crayons, markers and prepared cards that could be filled out by the children and sent to brighten the day of a random military service member.

While Melania and Barron were spotted using crayons to color in the pictures of flowers and a bunny on sheets stamped with a picture of the White House at the top and lines for a few words, Trump used a marker to jot down a quick note which he then showed to the camera.

According to Red State, Trump wrote, “Dear Brave Soldier, Thank you for your service. Great Job! Donald Trump”

The Washington Times reported that first lady Melania, who helped organize the event, also spoke a few words regarding her appreciation for the men and women in the armed services.

“I want to thank the military in this great nation and the servicemen and servicewomen all around the world who are keeping us safe,” she said from the balcony of the White House as part of the opening remarks.

“First time, my husband and I are hosting this wonderful tradition,” she continued. “It’s great that all of you are here with us today. I want to thank the military band, staff and all the volunteers who worked tirelessly to make sure you enjoy the activities.”

These kinds of actions — thanking military members and writing notes to deployed troops while coloring with children — are not the hallmarks of an aloof and uncaring autocrat, but of a down-to-earth actual leader who truly does care for the brave men and women who are daily prepared to sacrifice their lives and well-being to protect and defend this great country.

So much for that media narrative.

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