Pro-Gun Parkland Shooting Survivor Meets Melania Trump — Gets ‘Unexpected’ Oval Office Surprise

While student survivors of the tragic Parkland high school shooting gained hundreds of thousands of followers after their outspokenness on the importance of gun control, there was one student who was getting far less recognition, and it was largely due to his pro-Second Amendment stance.

Kyle Kashuv recently called out fellow student David Hogg after he described hanging up the phone on the White House. “I was disappointed and angry,” Kashuv told Fox News. “Even if you don’t agree with the president, you should still support the president. What they did was wrong.”

Kashuv has been calling for bipartisan solutions to stop school shootings from happening in the future and has created an app called ReachOut to do just that.

He went out on a limb and tweeted out to Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, writing, “I would love to meet with either of you while I am in NYC and D.C. this week so we can discuss ways to mend the American Divide and unify around tragedy, not become more divided. Any chance we can make this work?”

One thing led to another, and Kashuv found himself meeting with top lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

But, the highlight of Kashuv’s trip to Washington, D.C., was being introduced to first lady Melania Trump by Kellyanne Conway, as he told “Fox & Friends”:

“She is by far the most caring, maternal, and just amazing person I have met at the time being. They’re both amazing…She was so empathetic and caring — she really cares for the youth — and she views bullying and emotional trauma as a major issue.”

He explained to her the app he was working on, and Melania tweeted out a video just after:


Then Kashuv got a huge surprise. He met President Donald Trump in the Oval Office, who knew his name. Kashuv told “Fox & Friends”: “That was amazing. It was totally unexpected.”

Kashuv tweeted out pictures of his experience meeting the president afterward:


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