Yesterday’s failed missile test in North Korea may have been the work of American hackers, according to a former British foreign secretary.

The Express, citing the US Pacific Command, reports that the North Korean missile blew up “almost immediately” yesterday – one day after North Korea flexed its military muscle during a parade featuring several new missiles.

The outlet goes on to cite former British Conservative cabinet member Sir Malcolm Rifkind who says the failure was possibly the result of US hackers sabotaging the missile’s operating system.

“There is a very strong belief that the US, through cyber methods, has been successful on several occasions in interrupting these sorts of tests and making them fail,” he said.

“But don’t get too excited by that – [North Korea has] also had quite a lot of successful tests,” he continued. “They are an advanced country when it comes to their nuclear weapons programme. That still remains a fact – a hard fact.”

U.S. military officials, meanwhile, have reportedly stated they are not surprised by the missile launch’s failure.

The Express quotes one military official who stated, “it’s a failed test. It follows another failed test. So really no need to reinforce their failure. We don’t need to expend any resources against that.”

Zero Hedge, meanwhile, reports that Trump is aware of the situation but has no comment. Zero Hedge goes on to state that “the big question is whether Trump will retaliate while VP Pence is in South Korea.”

Trump’s top national security advisor Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, speaking with ABC News this morning, said the U.S. “will take action” to end North Korea’s threat to the U.S.

via milo.yiannopoulos