Ehab Jaber of Sioux Falls has spoken out in defense of himself following the viral release of a video in which he sits outside a Christian conference and angrily shows off a number of weapons while muttering apparent threats.

As KDLT reports, Jaber claims the Christian event – held at a hotel – was an “anti-Muslim” affair.

“There were children, there were men, women of all ages,” he says, according to the site. “It was a family picnic to hate all Muslims.”

Jaber also says he attended the event out of curiosity before heading outside in anger.

“I was done with the event,” he says. “I didn’t go to hurt anyone, so I left.”

After leaving the event, Jaber filmed this video in which he repeatedly tells viewers, “if you want to be really scared, be scared” as he showcases a number of weapons.

Following the severe backlash that video received, Jaber says he wasn’t threatening anyone.

So why did he make the video?

“Because I can,” he says, according to KDLT. “Because I am an American citizen. There’s a lot of people out there who are going to think that because I’m Muslim I shouldn’t have that right, but tough. Build a time machine, go back in time and change the constitution and we’ll talk about it then.”

Sioux Falls Police will reportedly not be charging Jaber.

According to KDLT, Sioux Falls Police Officer Sam Clemens said, “he had a lot of guns with him but he wasn’t breaking any laws. He didn’t threaten anybody directly, he didn’t threaten any groups of people, anything like that, and it’s not illegal to carry guns or have guns with you.”

Event organizer Brannon Howse disagrees with that logic.

“Ask yourself,” he wrote in a Facebook post about Jaber’s video. “If a white ‘Christian’ did this at a Muslim conference would he be arrested or charged?”

via milo.yiannopoulos