Shooter Declared Undying Love For Rachel Maddow Before Attack

Combing through his social media profiles, we are now getting a picture in James Hodgkinson of a deeply disturbed man.

How disturbed? He loved Rachel Maddow.

In one of many letters to his local newspaper, he wrote that “One of my favorite TV shows is ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ on MSNBC,” which shows the level of degenerate psychosis that we are dealing with.

Quoting her on the show, he said: “On a recent show she stated that 17 very rich men are supplying the Republican Party with more than 60 percent of their campaign contributions.”

He continued to quote her rambling.

“These men are trying to buy our country,” he continued. “You know they expect something for all this money. That something is that Mitt Romney and a Republican Congress won’t raise their taxes. We all know that the rich don’t pay enough taxes.”

The letters were sent five years ago to the Belleville News-Democrat. The paper re-published these letters after he was identified as the man who shot a Republican charity baseball game practice session in Alexandria, Virginia.

Hodgkinson was eventually fatally shot by police at the scene, so he will never be able to tell us his exact motive. But his social media footprints paint a picture of a man who hated Republicans and Donald Trump. He also was a big supporter of Bernie Sanders, even serving as a volunteer in his campaign, The Daily Caller reports.

Here’s an example of his ramblings:

“Letter writer Roddy Riggs reminds me of Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly, but I’m sure he doesn’t bring in the millions of dollars those two do,” he wrote in another letter. “They speak their lies and hatred and misdirection to anyone who will listen.”

“If I seem to be a broken record, it is because of the simple facts that need to be understood by everyone of voting age,” he continued. “I just want to let everyone know that income inequality was a factor in the causes of the Great Depression as well as the greed of Secretary of Treasury Andrew Mellon under the Republican Presidents Harding, Coolidge and Hoover.”

Here’s Hodgkinson defending President Obama:

I can’t believe how many people are upset with our president,” he wrote of Obama. “You’d think that the world was full of rich millionaires. Why else would these people talk badly about a guy who has their best interest at heart?”

“The only thing that has trickled down in the last 30 years came from Mitt Romney’s dog,” he added, dinging Republican tax policies. “Let’s vote all Republicans out of Congress, and get this country back on track.”

Responding to news that he was a fan, Rachel Maddow said they looked through their correspondence for Hodgkinson’s name.

“He once submitted a letter to the editor that cited statistics about political donations that he says he heard on this TV show because he said he watched this TV show,” Maddow said. “I should tell you we went through our correspondence today as soon as we got his name, as soon as we got that detail about him. We didn’t find evidence he ever sent anything to this show or tried to contact us at all.”


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