Sick Child Sex Ring Exposed… Dems Will be Horrified by Who They Work for

Many Democrats in America like to sing the praises of the United Nations. In their eyes, the U.N. can do no wrong and it’s the solution to all the world’s problems.

Unfortunately, reality is much different than that. In fact, the U.N. actually can cause more problems than it solves. U.N. peacekeepers who are sent to bring stability to nations often end up committing gruesome acts, The Associated Press reported.

In Haiti, according to the AP, U.N. peacekeepers would often use food and money to lure children — sometimes as young as 12 — into having sex with them, yet not one of these monsters has been brought to justice.

This same horror happens all around the world, but nothing is ever done to stop it.

The lack of justice for these victims stems from a classic U.N. problem — a lack of accountability. Legally, the U.N. cannot prosecute peacekeepers. Only the countries from which these peacekeepers originate can do that, and most often they simply don’t.

“If I heard that a U.N. peacekeeping mission was coming near my home in Chattanooga,” Tennessee Republican Sen. Bob Corker stated to the AP, “I’d be on the first plane out of here to go back and protect my family.”

Republicans have been calling for reforms at the U.N. for years, and now that President Donald Trump is in office, it is entirely possible that those reforms can take place.

Democrats should take a long hard look at the reports of rape and sexual violence that are carried out by peacekeepers before they start singing the praises of the U.N.

While the U.N. was a good idea at the time it was created (in the aftermath of World War II), history has shown that it is simply another failed experiment that should be thrown out.

The U.N. is powerless to do anything. If this organization can’t even prosecute its own people for raping children, why should we expect them to do anything to stop world leaders who are committing genocide against their own people?

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