This Is The HUGE Surprise Trump Just Delivered To Muslim Leader’s Office That Has Libs Ready For Riot

The left already has an unhealthy hatred for President Donald Trump that has reached epic proportions, but it is about to get a whole lot worse after what the Trump administration just announced to Palestinian Muslim leaders in Washington D.C.

For the last eight years under the Obama administration, Mulsim countries were able to flourish and commit horrific human rights violations without any repercussions. One state that was able to grow under the Obama years was Palestine as these aggressors continually attacked Israel killing hundreds of innocent civilians on a daily basis. Well, now it appears that those days of terror may end soon for Israel after Trump just issued a surprise ultimatum that could stop Palestine in its tracks.

When Barack Obama was president, he did all he could to help our nation’s enemies grow and alienate our greatest allies and on the American taxpayer’s dime. However, that is all about to change after Trump informed the Palestinian Liberation Office (PLO) a few days ago, that they would shut their offices down in Washington D.C., and throw them out of the country if they continue their hostility to Israel.

Of course, this is a massive change in policy after Barack Obama did all he could to appease Palestine who continually broke peace treaties. Now, President Trump is not putting up with Palestine’s excuses so that they continue terrorizing the small Jewish territory in a move that will have liberals screeching. 

Here is more from The Daily Caller:

The Trump administration said Friday it will shut down the Palestinian Liberation Office (PLO) in Washington, D.C., unless the Palestinians get serious about peace talks with Israel.

The State Department has determined that the PLO has violated a law stating that the PLO cannot push for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to prosecute Israelis. Violation of this law means that the State Department could force the PLO to close its mission, The Associated Press reports.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas stated in September that the Palestinians have called for the ICC to “open an investigation and to prosecute Israeli officials for their involvement in settlement activities and aggression against our people.”

Given the PLO’s violation, President Donald Trump has 90 days to assess whether the Palestinians are engaged in meaningful negotiations with Israel. If Trump decides that the negotiations are meaningful, the Palestinians can keep their D.C. office. But if not, the office will be shut down. It’s also possible that the Trump administration could close the office down before the 90-day window, but even if the office is closed, that doesn’t mean peace efforts have collapsed.

Trump’s team has already started working on a plan to bring peace to the Middle East 10 months after taking office. For Trump, achieving peace in that region is the “ultimate deal.” The plan will likely discuss Jerusalem and settlements in the West Bank. The Palestinians have expressed some amount of skepticism because of how Trump’s loud, unabashed support for Israel and the fact that several Trump staffers heading the plan are Jews, like Jason D. Greenblatt, chief negotiator, David M. Friedman, ambassador to Israel and Jared Kushner.

It’s unclear when the Trump administration will release a peace proposal.

Trump and his administration will closely watch Palestine and Isreal in hopes that the two can hammer out a peaceful negation.However, if Palestine refuses to negotiate or violate any of the terms discussed during the peace talks, President Trump will shut down their D.C. office faster then they can say halal meat.

Of course, Palestine leadership sees this as a huge negative and has even gone as far as to call it “extortion” and threatened more retaliation if this continues. 

Here is more from the Los Angeles Times:

On Saturday, Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riyad Maliki said Washington’s threats amounted to “extortion,” and were part of a U.S. effort to sow uncertainty in the Palestinian leadership.

The White House and the Israeli government declined to comment.

The State Department told Haaretz that the latest warning was based on a technicality.

“In December 2015, Congress introduced a new condition concerning certain Palestinian actions related to the International Criminal Court. The most recent certification period ended in November. We were unable to make a new certification, and have notified the PLO accordingly. The secretary concluded that the factual record, in particular, certain statements made by Palestinian leaders about the ICC, did not permit him to make the factual certification required by the statute,” the department said, according to the newspaper.

Late in the day, Palestinian sources told the AP that they would suspend all communication with the Trump administration if the U.S. closes the PLO office in Washington.

The State Department official clarified that “the same statute allows for a waiver of restrictions on the PLO in the U.S., including operation of its Washington office, if after 90 days the president determines the Palestinians have entered into direct, meaningful negotiations with Israel. We are hopeful that this closure will be short-lived.”

Of course, it goes without saying that the left would scream like banshees after hearing President Trump’s stance, but it is about time that America pushes the Palestine state to end their nonsense against Isreal. For years, Obama allowed the Palestinians to continue attacking Israel without any consequences for their actions, yet would do his best to alienate one of greatest allies.

Hopefully, this harsh stance will push the Palestinians to re-focus on peace or they can start packing their boxes and get out of America. The time of appeasing our enemies is over and now standing with allies has begun thanks to President Trump.


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