Trump Introduces Special Guest On Speech

President Trump was in Miami today so that he can end the policies that Obama has signed and implemented about Cuba. While he was there, Trump said many incredible things and touched a lot of hearths in the hope to liberate Cuba from the terrors the country endures.

However, what he did while he was on stage left many people stunned.

President Trump called a very special woman to come join him on the stage. This woman is called Cary Roque and what made her special is the fact that this brave woman has endured fifteen years of imprisonment under Castro. That’s right folks, fifteen years.

As soon as this woman stepped on stage, The President stepped aside and let this woman speak. What she said about President Trump will make you cry tears of joy.

“Thank you, Mr. President. Thank you to all the Cubans who fight for Cuban liberty,” she said.

Mr. President, on behalf of all the Cuban people, the people inside my eyes, my homeland, thank you, thank you, and we appreciate your love.


What a wonderful gesture from The President, to let this woman speak and let her tell her story. This gesture by President Trump shows you what a great man he is.

What are your thoughts on this folks? Did you love this awesome moment?

Thank you for reading.


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