TRUMP WINS: Harvard Law Professor Just Shut Down Mueller Probe & Ended FBI Director McCabe’s Career

Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe was recently exposed for texting with the rogue FBI agent who was trying to stop Trump from being President.

This comes amid questions about McCabe’s wife donating $700,000 dollars to Hillary Clinton’s campaign while McCabe was “investigating” her for the email scandal last year.

McCabe is now helping lead the “investigation” into President Trump and there are growing voices calling on him to recuse himself.

Harvard Law Scholar Alan Dershowitz, who actually voted for Hillary, is blasting Andrew McCabe for not recusing himself during the Hillary Clinton Investigation.

“He should have recused himself immediately from any investigation involving Hillary Clinton because of his wife’s connection to Hillary Clinton.”

He then goes on to suggest McCabe should also recuse himself from the investigation into President Trump.

“When you are investigating a presidential candidate, whether it be Hillary Clinton or President Trump, you have to be Caesar’s wife, you have to be above reproach. You have to make sure not only there are no conflicts, but there are no perceived conflict, not only is there no bias but there is no perception of bias… it should never be there when you are conducting an investigation of this importance involving people who so high in government or intend to be so high in government, candidates for president of the United States.”

Dershowitz is not afraid to say what really needs to happen to make sure this country is in the best hands. That is exactly what he did here.


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