Virginia’s Dem Governor Just Pissed Off Every Trump-Supporter With Disturbing Announcement Today

For years, we have witnessed the hypocrisy of the left, but that has taken on a whole new level this past weekend. On Saturday’s “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia alt-right demonstrators clashed with members of ANTIFA that resulted in physical violence. Shortly after these physical altercations, a vehicle sped through a crowd and into a group of people where it killed at least one person and injured dozens more. Soon after this occurred Governor Terry McAuliffe made a statement about the incident that should have been used to unite the country and condemn violent hate groups. However, that is not what this gun control supporting governor did, and it has royally ticked off all Trump supporters around the country.

The streets of historic Charlottesville, Virginia on Friday and Saturday did not have their usual feel to them. Instead of locals and tourists bustling about shopping and meeting up with friends there were groups of police officers and hundreds of protesters. Alt-Right protesters, members of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter took over the streets quickly and violence followed soon after.

After a vehicle ran over protesters in the middle of the afternoon liberals took to the streets harassing innocent people. One group of rabid leftists reportedly yelled at one woman who was not part of the protest “F**k Donald Trump”. Soon after Governor Terry McAuliffe took the stage to address the nation, and what he is said was rather disingenuous. As McAuliffe took to the stage he went between urging unity and calm to condemn those who were there to protest the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue. McAuliffe also went as far as to say that those who were there to protest the statue being removed were not welcomed in his state.

The governor praised our founding fathers and the support free speech and assembly, but then immediately backtracked. McAuliffe told the protesters “There is no place for you in America” and added “we were here to bring people together and unify folks, we are a nation of immigrants… unless you’re native American”. 

“Please go home and never come back,” he said to Unite the Right protesters, adding: “Take your hatred and take your bigotry”. Though what was interesting is that McAuliffe only condemned the actions of the alt-right and never once said anything about ANTIFA.  

Breitbart News’Raheem Kassam, noticed the same thing and wanted to ask the liberal governor if McAuliffe also condemned the actions of the liberal hate group.Here is more from Kassam’s article.

Instead of a call for dialogue, or even trying to explain what would be a totally reasonable and easily-made argument against flying Nazi flags or torch-lit demonstrations, he chose to further drive a wedge, as did those who flanked him on stage.

“They’re going to be in the trash heap of history,” said the Charlottesville mayor, while police chief Al Thomas defended the police strategy on the day. Despite having had weeks of notice, as well granting a protest permit to alt-right protesters, there were three fatalities and many injured. In an oddly nativist tone, he declared “outsiders do not tell our story”.

The media tone is also evidently one-sided. While no one — including this website — would take up the cause of defending the actions of the alt right or Nazi flag wavers, it is important to note how quickly many have chosen to lump the blame at the doorstep of President Donald Trump.

CNN issued a push notification to app users’ mobile devices around 8:30 pm local time stating: “President Trump fails to condemn the alt-right and white supremacists in his statement about violence in Charlottesville, Virginia”.

No such accusations were hurled by the establishment media at Democrat leaders when a Bernie Sanders supporter shot at Republican congressmen in June.

In brief, it can be said with demonstrable authority that while Republicans and conservatives are very swift to decry extremists claiming to act in the name of their causes, the left does no such thing. In fact, they continue to fund and support Antifa and radical elements in their ranks, scarcely asked questions by the establishment media, and without any contrition for the divisions caused as a result.

I asked Gov. McAuliffe four times tonight to condemn in equal measure the violence of Antifa. I didn’t want him to rescind criticism of the alt right. I didn’t expect him to be nuanced. But I did think — perhaps foolishly — that he might want to distance himself from violent tactics on both sides. I supposed wrong.

 Here is the video of Kassam asking McAuliffe to denounce ANTIFA’s actions as well.


Of course, this is what this liberal gun grabbing governor would say or in all actuality not say. These leftists are absolutely fine with the left attacking people as long as it promotes their sick agenda. Now, this is not to excuse the actions away from any violence perpetrated by those on the alt-right side, but why not condemn both sides? The left has done serious damage but apparently, the left is just fine with that. It is clear that Governor McAuliffe is against the American people and he must be voted out sooner than later.


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