WATCH: Earthquake Demolishes Mexico City Buildings, 42 Confirmed Dead

Buildings also rattle in this video shot from a street.Humberto Cruz stands inside his house destroyed by the earthquake that struck the southern coast of Mexico late on Thursday, in Ixtaltepec, Mexico, September 10, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Jasso

At least forty-two people are confirmed dead after an earthquake rocked Mexico City Tuesday, just 12 days after the country suffered its strongest earthquake in a century.

Tuesday’s earthquake registered as a magnitude 7.1 and struck about 70 miles southeast of Mexico’s capital, according to an independent earthquake monitoring organization.

Mexico City’s infrastructure and occupants were violently rocked when the earthquake hit. Residents poured into the city’s streets as building’s rocked throughout the city, some even falling completely and trapping people beneath the debris, according to Reuters.

Live footage captured at the scene depicts examples of the earthquake’s serious destruction.

Buildings also rattle in this video shot from a street.Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku said on CBS News that Tuesday’s earthquake should serve as a “wake up call” to California, since the state is not prepared to handle a major earthquake. Devastation scenes from Mexico played in the background as Kaku spoke.

The earthquake comes just 12 days after tens of millions of Mexican residents felt the strongest earthquake that has hit the country in a century. A 8.1 magnitude earthquake hit southern Mexico Sept. 7, killing at least 100 people, The Wall Street Journal reports.

“This time it was so much closer, in Puebla, so it felt a lot stronger,” a Mexico City resident told The WSJ. “It makes a big difference, how close it is.”


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