Woman Buys A Bottle Full Of Black Squiggles And Finds These Bizarre Creatures

Underwater creatures are anything but boring, especially when it comes to the way they look. One salamander called the axolotl, which some have nicknamed the Mexican walking fish, is a pretty goofy-looking amphibian itself. It also has a not-so-secret super power: its regenerative qualities allows it to regrow limbs or body parts that have been wounded. Cool, right?

Sadly, axolotls are critically endangered in the wild, so much so that their populations are possibly extinct. That’s why many people are helping to raise them in captivity in an effort to keep this species alive.

Lucky for us, Imgur user SugarangelTwinklebee posts frequent updates on her axolotls and their growth. Not only is she just one of many who are raising awareness about the importance of these adorable amphibians, but—as her latest photos show—she’s proving just how darned cute they are!

An Imgur used named  is doing her part to help replenish the population of the critically endangered amphibian species, the axolotl. In her latest post titled, “I got a lotl babies,” SugarangelTwinklebee delivered the good news: she’d finally received a package “from a breeder which contained 31 axolotl eggs!”

SugarangelTwinklebee / imgur

SugarangelTwinklebee said, “I set them up in a large Tupperware container with dechlorinated water and small air stone, all at room temp.” An air stone is generally a limewood or porous stone that slowly diffuses air into the water. It can be safer than air filtration systems, which typically produce large bubbles that can harm or overwhelm teeny baby axolotls like these.

SugarangelTwinklebee / imgur


SugarangelTwinklebee’s axolotl nursery did experience some tragedy, however. She wrote, “Unfortunately I did lose six babies—one quad and some twins—to underdevelopment and then fungus… I’m super gutted about losing them as I would have LOVED the see them grow but the reason axolotls produce hundreds at a time is because not all eggs are meant to survive.”

SugarangelTwinklebee / imgur

Thankfully, those that did survive began to grow within just a few days. The air stone allowed for them to develop their body shape properly, and soon enough, they began to grow into the amphibian we know and love for its feathery gills and wide, almost “smiling” faces.

SugarangelTwinklebee already owned a couple of one-year-old axolotls, and posted pictures of them to show her viewers what the newest babies would look like. The yellowish or golden albino was named Ra, and the pale, leucistic one was Lucifer. Can you believe how much axolotls grow in just one year?

SugarangelTwinklebee / imgur

Axolotls are an endangered species for a reason. Before the expansion of Mexico City, these amphibians could be found in the high-altitude, freshwater lakes Xochimilco and Chalco. Now, all that remains of these bodies of water are the canals that were created from the retreating Lake Xochimilco—and this had a devastating effect on axolotl populations.

SugarangelTwinklebee / imgur

Because their habitat shrunk so drastically, axolotls are being bred in captivity in order to keep the species alive. The most amazing aspect of axolotls is their ability to regenerate body parts, which is something that scientists find very useful in studying various methods of self-healing.

SugarangelTwinklebee / imgur

These baby axolotls are pretty cute for amphibians, aren’t they? When they get to be as old as Lucifer and Ra, SugarangelTwinklebee will surely need a much bigger space for them. In the meantime, you can follow her Imgur page for more updates on her axolotls’ growth!


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